XTU @ Geneva

FR / Conference d’Anouk Legendre à Genève le 01/01/2019 pour le Wood Rise

ENG / Conference of Anouk Legendre in Geneva on 01/01/2019 for the Wood Rise

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Happy New Year 2019 !

L’équipe XTU vous souhaite une très belle année 2019 !

The XTU team wishes you a very happy new year 2019 !

Команда XTU желает вам  счастливого Нового Года !


xtu 2019 happy new year !

Happy holidays !

After a great international year, the XTU team wishes you a wonderful end-of-year celebration and a well-deserved break.

XTU @ATHENS 27/11/2018

Anouk Legendre lecture on Holistic Architecture at SHARE Athens 2018 International Architecture Forum. 


Roby House

The Roby House is meant to house our friends the robots.
A cozy and vegetal habitat will make them aware of the environmental cause..


XTU @Kazan for an Eco District #Russia

XTU has been selected for Kazan Eco-district development competition (Russia).
Team is composed of our partners : Knight Frank Russia (Russia, England)  + Oxo Architectes (France) + John Thompson & Partner/JTP (England) + Arkhitekturny Desant (Russia, Republic of Tatarstan) + Terra Scape Architects (Belgium) 


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Anouk @Shanghai

ENG_ Anouk Legendre is a jury member who will meet in Shanghai on August 25, 2018

FR_ Anouk Legendre, membre du jury qui se réunira à Shanghai le 25 aout 2018