XTU @Shenzhen X_PUR China on DesignBoom

X_PUR is a research on this may be the Holocene Architecture era:
Architecture becomes landscape.
The architecture is inspired by nature and creates new landscape.
Architecture contributes to a positive transformation of the Earth.
The human thus finds a strong relationship, original and necessary with nature.

X_PUR benefits from an inspiring situation at the edge of the water.
It reconciles the existing city with its natural environment, countryside and sea.
that is why, the project is inspired by great mythical landscapes sites: Halong Bay, Guilin, Huang Mountains, Lofoten ... The experiments took place again on the water.

In the X_PUR project, the green low floors host cultural activities, while the upper floors, glazed lobby and hotel rooms.
At the interface, there are spas.
The upper floors are occupied by panoramic restaurants, bars and nightclubs.

It’s living in the city in nature.

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