AlgoScreen | La Fabrique du Vivant | Centre Pompidou | PARIS

Description: AlgoScreen is a mobile biofaçade sample, consisting of two vertical flat-plate photobioreactors.

Objective: The AgloScreen Project has a dual purpose : it is both a demonstrator of the biofacade concept, and an experimental tool for the cultivation of microalgae

Situation: AlgoScreen was exhibited in the famous Centre Pompidou for 6 weeks, on the occasion of “La Fabrique du Vivant” exhibition. During this time, is has produced significant amounts of museum-grown Spirulina, a cyanobacteria species that is commonly used as a dietary supplement, because of its high nutrient content.

Partners: Viry (fabrication) ; AlgoSource Technlogies (operating principle) ; Annick Méjean - Université Paris Diderot (laboratory support)

Team: project directors: Anouk Legendre, Nicolas Desmazières

Ariane Lenhardt, Guillaume Martin, Hugo Tell, Marie Caulier, Valérian Hou